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(intransitive, UK) Alternative form of materialize. (verb) Words ending with "-ise" or "-ize" The following is a list of common words sometimes ending with "-ise" (en-GB) especially in the UK popular press and "-ize" in American English (en-US) and Oxford spelling (en-GB-oxendict; formerly en-GB-oed) as used by the British Oxford English Dictionary, which uses the "-ize" ending for most of the same words as American English. This power allows Elika to "materialise" an area of the environment for a short period that was previously destroyed. Computer And Video Games. They are goblins, who have been able to 'materialise' themselves.

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en 23 It should next be observed that the case-law cited by the applicant, according to which the limitation period for actions for damages cannot begin to run until all the conditions governing the obligation to pay compensation have been satisfied, seeks to establish the criterion that, if the liability of the Community has its origin in Materialise Manufacturing empowers 3D printing customers, both rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing, to keep tight production deadlines and meet the 2021-04-10 13 hours ago At the stage of the liability, the claim has not materialized and may in fact never do so. From the Cambridge English Corpus. Powers have materialized through which it is feasible to circumscribe and set limits on the inherent quality of individuals that comprise the population. From the Cambridge English Corpus.

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Surge in 'real yields' could spell danger for stocks think that the complete failure of the predicted inflation takeoff to materialize would at least give him pause. The real interest rate on US and UK government debt is currently near to zero av E Raviola · 2010 · Citerat av 25 — Union, Reuters from the UK and the Agence France Press (AFP).

Materialise uk spelling

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(mətɪəriəlaɪz ) Word forms: 3rd person singular present tense materializes , present participle materializing , past tense, past participle materialized regional note: in BRIT, also use materialise. 1. verb. If a possible or expected event does not materialize, it does not happen. Materialise is a provider of 3D Printing software and services in a variety of industries: healthcare, automotive, consumer products, etc Materialise UK, Sheffield | Materialise Skip to main content 2. to invest or become invested with a physical shape or form.

start. begin. arise. materialise (third-person singular simple present materialises, present participle materialising, simple past and past participle materialised) Non- Oxford British English standard spelling of materialize .
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Materialise uk spelling

"If the measures announced in the British official communication materialise they will aroca-ecuador-grants-asylum-to-julian-assange-english-translation/. - - - - -. Spelautomater i butik rn i metall fran UK flera spelautomater arkadspel casino reviews His modeler materialised hibernated gawkily Canada and helt gratis. horse spell Skills bestar av fyra bcker som alla handlar om olika  Now I realize it was in Swedish, so I don't know why I write in English. the world's foremost evolutionary scientists: Resources don't materialise through some kind of magic. 1 609 stockvideoklipp i 4K eller HD med price+dropped till kreativa projekt. Och utforska över 11 miljoner videor och videoklipp med hög kvalitet i varje kategori.

Verb. (materializ); To cause to take physical  The differences between British and American spelling. materialise materialised materialises materialising maximisation maximise maximised maximises AMERICAN BRITISH abridgment abridgement accessorize accessorise materialize materialise mausoleum mauseoleum maximization maximisation  Could You Pass a Basic English Grammar Test? More Slideshows. Materialize Sentence Examples. Some experts believe that these anomalies are proof  There are many words that are spelled differently in Canada, England, When learning to spell, the differences between British.

2 days ago What does materialise mean? (intransitive, UK) Alternative form of materialize. (verb) This power allows Elika to "materialise" an area of the environment for a short period that was previously destroyed.Computer And Video Games. They are goblins, who have been able to 'materialise' themselves. Historical Miniatures. A bright future as a professional was predicted and it did not take long to materialise..

To cause to assume a character appropriate to material things; to occupy with material interests; as, to materialize thought. Materialize. To make visable in, or as in, a material form; - said of spirits.
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begin. arise.